LP Valuation, LLC

LP Valuation, LLC is a boutique valuation firm specializing in business, security and fractional interest valuations for transactional, estate planning, tax, family law and other litigation matters. Our team of highly skilled professionals with over 50 years combined experience and advanced degrees and certifications (CFA, CPA, CVA) are able to provide independent and objective analyses and opinions.  We have substantial expertise in the valuation of companies, assets (including intangibles); fractional interests in real estate and corporate limited partnerships; 409As; damage calculations and support; and family law.

With offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, the LP Valuation team prides itself on quality analysis and client service, and can cover a wide geographic range from Orange County to San Luis Obispo. We work with attorneys and CPAs throughout Southern California because of our middle-market quality, fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.