The GSL Group, LLC is dedicated to the local business community by valuing and helping support firms in Los Angeles and beyond.  All of our professional services are based on expertise in the corporate financial industry. We create solutions and processes that will help you achieve your business goals. We can help you promote your investment opportunity, manage growth, value your business, assist with turnaround management or strategically advise in a number of areas. The GSL Group brings integrity and experience to every client engagement.

Based on over 30 years of combined experience in assisting small and medium-sized businesses, we offer a range of financial and advisory services including business valuations, business plans, interim or part-time CFO solutions and assistance with capital raising. We can help you develop a strategic plan based on solid launch and growth strategies, as well as help you hone your business model and build realistic financial projections. We enable entrepreneurs to get the funding that they need to be successful. We can also assist with traditional bank financing, such as SBA loans and commercial lending. We can even represent you to our growing list of qualified private equity, angel and alternative lending groups.

Throughout the process, The GSL Group delivers results.

We help our clients:
1. Reduce the risks and costs of launching a†new venture
2. Attain unique strategic insight into increasing sales and visibility
3. Improve company valuation and external perception